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My name is Charles Mosley & I served 35 years in prison. I was 23 years of age when I entered the system. It was something very new to me because I had never been to prison before. I had watched movies and heard things about prison, but never in my wildest dream did I ever think I would ever actually be in one because I was considered a square out here on the streets. Prison life is certainly no walk in the park, but I think having had military experience that made it easier for me to adjust and cope with my new reality. I worked for pennies a day and had to adjust my eating habits accordingly. When the prison would put us on lock-down I has access to three bird baths a week & if I was lucky, I was able to shower once a week during the hot summer days it was almost un-bearable to have to get accustomed to this new way of life. With GODS help I managed to get through it. Towards the end of serving my time I was blessed with a decent job paying minimum wage and I was able to purchase my own packages, send money home to my wife & children, and also set-up a savings account that I couldn’t touch until I was suitable for release. This job made me feel better about being able to help provide for my family and helped me to not feel like I was a burden to them. Th job lasted a total of 11 years. I am currently retired & I have been home almost 8 years. I am grateful that I am home & back with my loving family. God is great!

Charles Ramona Mosley

My name is Christopher Moreno. I served 19 years on a 23 year sentence. I own a small business, Moreno Mobile Car Detailing and I work part time for a Steel company. I love the support and camaraderie that Ten Toes In offers. I am apart of the Mentorship Program, Ten Toes In gives us a place to express ourselves, identify what we’re all going through and encourage each other.

christopher Moreno

My name is Jerome Holland and my sentence was Life without the possibility of parole and then resentenced to 26 years to LIFE. I have been home for 2 years. I work for a non profit organization as a Case Manager in the Reentry field. I also have my own mobile detailing business.  My wife Brenda is a Business Professional who works as a Customer Biller.  We have been together for 20 years and married for 6 years.  In February, our first child together was born.  I believe that Ten Toes In is great and the work that Ms. Burke does is overlooked.  She educates the public and gives Ten Toes In members a safe, supportive, loving and exciting environment to interact with each other.

Jerome Holland
women's support group, reentry support, couple's support group, support, mentorship, self care, trauma informed care, peer to peer support, reentry matters, reentry intimate relationships,

My name is Ramona Mosley & I will share me behind the wall journey with you. I met my husband when I was 15 years old & he was 18. We got married on October 31, 1977 when we were 20 & 23 years old. Four children were born to this union & on May 5, 1978 is when my husband’s & my life changed forever. My husband received a 7-Life sentence but ended of serving 35 years behind the wall. By the grace of GOD, he kept us all safe and in good health during this time. I was blessed enough to have an awesome woman by the name of Ms. Debbie Page who I met around 2011 to take my husband’s case. This woman is heaven sent. Ms. Debbie dedicated her time & put forth tremendous effort in finding the loopholes & insufficient evidence to find my husband suitable for release. My husband was found suitable for release approximately 1 1/2 years later thanks to Ms. Debbie page. My husband was released on November 4, 2012. My husband & I were then introduced to Ms. Darlene Burke who is the founder of “TEN TOES IN” & a woman who is a Phenomenal Speaker, Educator, Supporter, Sister, & Friend. TEN TOES IN is an organization that helps to educate men & women who are currently on their behind the wall journey or who have been on one. This organization is beneficial to our men & women who have family & friends that will shame them or judge them for being in a relationship with.

Ramona Mosley

As a formally incarcerated Life Term Inmate I would like to share with you all, my personal journey before and after incarceration with hope to convey my story of Redemption and Gods Grace.

To begin my name is Marco Galvan a 55yr. Young child of God. In 1995 I was convicted of a Second Degree Murder in Los Angeles County and I served a total of 23yrs. In prison here in California. After my 3rd Parole Board hearing and serious rehabilitation efforts I was found suitable for Parole in March 2018. In 2017 while at Avenal State Prison, I was introduced to Darlene Burke who was Facilitating a Intimate Relationship workshop on the Prison yard that I had signed up for. I had no idea what the class would entail however after meeting Ms Burke and hearing how openly she spoke it drew my attention so much because I could relate. Soon after, I discovered that the class was about relationships and how or what exactly that entailed to both parties involved. Because my Life Crime was Domestic Violence related I became very involved and soon shared my truth before the class which was a very liberating experience. Soon after in March 2018, I was found suitable for Parole and shared my experience with the class.

Upon coming home and not being sure what Career path i would pursue, I was mentored into ARC The Anti Recedivism Coalition in Los Angeles and told about the Film Production Program at West Los Angeles College. I followed through and Graduated early 2018 as a Production Grip in the Film Industry. Soon after and because of my efforts in Directed Study, I was invited into the Local Union Hall and was sworn in as a Grip for The Alliance of Theatre and Stage Employees Local 80.

To my surprise and yet another blessing from Our God, I soon met a beautiful God fearing woman named Christina who Y am now in a serious relationship with. I have shared my truths and apply many of the ideas taught to me by the Intimate Relationship taught by Ms. Burke. Today, I am totally in tune with my partner and convinced that we are both looking for a return on our investment with each other. Knowing this and putting God Our Lord and Savior before all else I am convinced that Gods favor will be upon us as long as we put our values with God. Thank you all for taking time to read my truth and may God be with Us All !

Marco Galvan

My name is Osbert Owuor.  I was sentenced to two life sentences in prison of which I served 25 years. I have been home about 4 years now and currently work as a Case Manager with Friends Outside in Los Angeles County. After serving so many years in prison, I realized I needed help and support rebuilding my life. A big part of that help and support came after I attended a Ten Toes In Seminar hosted by Darlene Burke.  She taught about healthy relationships with the formerly incarcerated. I learned a lot about myself after the first Ten Toes In Seminar. After several other Ten Toes In events,  I had a better understanding of what I needed to do to help build healthy relationships, not just with my significant other but with those around me, as well. Being a part of the Ten Toes In Mentorship Support Group is one of the reasons I’m currently working as a Case Manager in the Reentry field with Friends Outside. Working in the Reentry field after being formerly incarcerated gives me a better understanding of what a lot of the men need coming out of prison.  The Ten Toes In organization allows me to directly connect with other formerly incarcerated men throughout the state of California.

Osbert Owuor

Raul Escarcega is a 62-year-old man, who was in and out of jail since he was 10 years old.  Raul kept getting in trouble as he grew older, he served his time for his crimes in juvenile hall, placement, camps, youth authority, county jail and prison.  However, March 3, 1983, when Raul was 24 years old, he was arrested for a crime he did NOT commit.  However, because he had priors, he was sentenced to life plus 10 years.  Raul served 34 years for this crime, away from his wife, kids, parents and the rest of his family.  Raul is not a bitter man, he says it’s karma, for somethings he may have gotten away with in his past, he also, has a lot of patience.

Raul was released from prison March 2, 2017, he attended Los Angeles Trade Technical College, studying automotive, collision and custom painting to save his family money on repairs; because that is who Raul is, a true sweetheart, a man who has learned to put his family first. He will be off parole in March 2022.

Rosie Escarcega is Raul’s wife, they met 46 years ago, in Junior High, 1974. After Raul’s last incarceration, Rosie went to college to study why the system seemed so broken, how could this have happened to Raul.  She earned her degrees in Corrections and Criminal Justice, in 1989, Rosie went to work for the Los Angeles County Probation Department, for 25 years in juvenile  halls and camps. She currently is a contact tracer for Public Health Covid-19.  During his incarceration they were on a roller coaster ride, family members passing, kids growing up, acting out, visiting, phone calls, sending packages.  Rosie likes to say “WE Bent, BUT NEVER BROKE”

Rosie and Raul, are living in their small but happy home, that Raul has fixed up, for them.  They have 3 girls, 6 grandsons.

Raul Escarcega

My name is Kevin C. Waters and I am a native of Gardena, California. I grew up with both parents in the household, two sisters and one brother, in a middle-class neighborhood. Unfortunately I was introduced to the gang lifestyle at a very young age. This introduction pulled me away from magnet programs, friends and even family members as I tried to connect with my new “family.”

The attraction and immersion in such a negative lifestyle led me to a life of crime and eventually a 41-year to life prison sentence by the age of 19. I served 25 years of that sentence and was blessed to utilize the time wisely. I was able to learn computer programming, get my Associates Degree, and  become a Certified Alcohol & Other Drug (AOD) counselor. I was also able to  connect with my humanity through programs like Hospice and GOGI (Getting Out by Going In).

The great benefit of these programs was that upon my release I discovered that my father was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and was already three months past the time they had given him to live. My hospice training allowed me to assist my family through this process as we kept him home in his final days. My alcohol and drug training allowed me to empathize with my sisters who were struggling with their addictions and keep my sanity in the process.

My father passed 52 days after my release and it was the hardest thing that I ever had to deal with. In his death as well as his life he blessed me with insight and resources to begin the process of opening my own transitional house. I started the process a year after my release but wasn’t able to bring it into fruition for another 2 years. During that time I immersed myself in the family trade (construction) that my dad had been doing for twenty years.

In the process of all of this I was able to meet Ms. Darlene Burke from Ten Toes In and begin to involve myself in her monthly meeting (support group) for former lifers. When I say her perspective was refreshing I mean it was refreshing… mainly because it was raw. She let the men know when they were right and surely let us know when we were tripping.

Her insight helped me to navigate my relationship on many occasions. My fiancé, who I met upon my release but didn’t start dating for a few  months, was in the field of assisting people who were reintegrating back into society. She had her way of viewing life and I had mine. Although we didn’t have many conflicts when we did I was able to remember things I learned at Ten Toes In about how men think and what women want.

Simple insights like that has helped me to have a healthy relationship with my future wife and keep my feet firmly planted on the ground as I continue to pursue my dreams and goals. I’ve been home five years March 4, 2021 and I have a transitional housing program that I have co-founded with my fiancé and long time friend,  Dream Live Hope Foundation. I live in a big 3 bedroom house with a two car garage and I continue to contract remodeling jobs throughout the year. My life is blessed, my mind is at peace, and my faith is stronger than ever!

Kevin C. Waters

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Ten Toes In was developed on February 8, 2014, when Darlene Burke, Founder & Executive Director, was involved with her former partner, who was sentenced to 25-years to LIFE in a CA prison. The Executive Director created Ten Toes In because she searched for a support group for women who were involved with incarcerated men and could not find one. Ten Toes In became a 501©3 nonprofit organization, January 26, 2015.

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