Intimate Relationships 101 Curriculum

Ten Toes In teaches its Intimate Relationships 101 Curriculum at male prisons throughout the state of California. It is a 6 month course that focuses on healthy Intimate Relationships. The students are given the tools to be in a healthy relationship with their Partners. They are involved in role playing, they are required to actively participate in all discussions and they are given homework that is required to be submitted to the Facilitator. Ten Toes In also invites guest speakers to the class to share wisdom, experience and encouragement with the students. At the end of the 6 month Curriculum, they are rewarded with a Graduation ceremony. This ceremony includes their Partners being invited to attend and Ten Toes In transforms the visiting room into an intimate setting with outside food, drinks, cake and decorations. Typically, there are guest speakers at the ceremony and each student receives a Certificate of Achievement. 

About Us

Ten Toes In was developed on February 8, 2014, when Darlene Burke, Founder & Executive Director, was involved with her former partner, who was sentenced to 25-years to LIFE in a CA prison. The Executive Director created Ten Toes In because she searched for a support group for women who were involved with incarcerated men and could not find one. Ten Toes In became a 501©3 nonprofit organization, January 26, 2015.

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