Ten Toes In serves as a Mentorship and Domestic Violence Prevention Program. To support, educate and empower couples during and after incarceration. To educate society about the dynamics of a prison relationship.

Why “Ten Toes In” was created?

Darlene Burke has been on this Journey for over a decade.  She totally understands the challenges that women face who are involved with incarcerated men.  Her best friend of 33 years, became her fiancé while incarcerated.  He is a Lifer who has served 22 years in prison.  “Ten Toes In” was created because she tried to find a support group that specifically targeted women like her.  However, she could not find one, so she created her own.  This support group “married” two of Darlene’s passions:  Relationships and the Incarcerated Community. Her ultimate goal is to ensure that women define their own “Ten Toes In” Journey after they fully understand the assets and liabilities of loving a man “behind the wall” and after his release from prison.   In addition, she educates society about relationships with incarcerated men, so that society will not judge these women but accept them for who they choose to love, without condemning them.

Target Audience

Women who are 18 and above who are intimately involved with incarcerated and formerly incarcerated men.

Incarcerated men who are in relationships with women who are apart of the FREE world.

Members of society who negatively judge women who are involved with incarcerated or formerly incarcerated men or members of society who do not understand the reasons why women choose to be with men who are in prison.

Additionally, our focus is to draw others within the community who may not be in relationships with formerly incarcerated men, but are looking to develop healthier relationships inside their own home. By default, we are a Domestic Violence Prevention organization that includes resources for the reentry population.

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