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Ten Toes In serves as a Mentorship and Domestic Violence Prevention Program. To support, educate and empower couples during and after incarceration. We assist formerly incarcerated men to reintegrate back into society successfully and help them to maintain a HEALTHY relationship with their Partner.


We transform lives through educating men before they are released from prison. We educate and support men during their Re-entry back into society. We educate and support the Partners of incarcerated and formerly incarcerated men. We build strong and healthy relationships, families and communities.. read more…


We celebrate, we unite, we educate, and we work as a team to fundraise for the great work Ten Toes In does supporting our members. Join us or sponsor an event and transform lives. read more…

Our Stories

Ten Toes In has transformed relationships through education, support and a safe, healing space. These stories express how self-development , patience, understanding and the Power of Love can transform lives. read more…


Darlene Burke is a God fearing woman and the proud mother of three beautiful children and two beautiful granddaughters. She was raised in South Central Los Angeles, CA, and she attended UCLA, majoring in English. She has been a Real Estate Agent for the past 18 years, and she has worked with formerly incarcerated individuals, helping to reunite them with their family members for the past 10 years. She is also a Reentry and Intimate Relationships Consultant. She facilitates workshops on Incarceration, Reentry and Relationships with the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, California Parole Department, Los Angeles County of Education, non profit organizations and Universities and Colleges. read more…

Ten Toes In Programs

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Couples Support Group

Ten Toes In will begin hosting a Couples Support Group in January, 2021. This group will be for formerly incarcerated men and their Partners to discuss Challenges and Joys in their relationships. In addition, they will be able to bond with other couples on the same Journey. read more.


Ten Toes In facilitates a monthly Mentorship Support Group for formerly incarcerated men.  In this meeting, the men are able to discuss the Challenges and Victories of their Reentry Journey. read more…


Ten Toes In also facilitates its Intimate Relationship 101 Workshops at various men’s prisons throught the state of California. It is a 6 month course that focuses on healthy Intimate Relationships. The students are given the tools to be in a healthy relationship with their partners. read more…


Ten Toes In hosts 2 monthly Sister Support Group meetings for women who are intimately involved with incarcerated and formerly incarcerated men. The Los Angeles meeting is every 2nd Tuesday of the month and the Inland Empire meeting is every 3rd Tuesday of the month. Both meetings are from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm. read more…


About Us

Ten Toes In was developed on February 8, 2014, when Darlene Burke, Founder & Executive Director, was involved with her former partner, who was sentenced to 25-years to LIFE in a CA prison. The Executive Director created Ten Toes In because she searched for a support group for women who were involved with incarcerated men and could not find one. Ten Toes In became a 501©3 nonprofit organization, January 26, 2015.

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