Our Founder

 Darlene Burke is a GOD fearing woman and the proud mother of three wonderful children and two beautiful granddaughters. She was raised in South Central Los Angeles, CA and she attended UCLA, majoring in English.

She has been a Real Estate Agent for the past 17 years and she has worked with formerly incarcerated individuals, helping to reunite them with their family members for the past 8 years.  Darlene is also the proud owner of E MA JEN DAT (pronounced “Imagine That”) greeting cards.   These greeting cards were created “behind the wall” by talented artists.  

She prides herself on building relationships and making a positive difference in other peoples’ lives. She cherishes her core group of “Ten Toes In Sisters” who she meets with on a monthly basis.  These women are a support system for her and the “Ten Toes In” Vision. She also appreciates and respects her “Ten Toes In Brothers” who are giving back to the community that they once took away from. Darlene truly appreciates the guidance that her Board of Directors give the organization. 

Darlene believes that a woman should, “Follow her HEART, but take her BRAIN with her”. Ten Toes In believes that supporting a healthy couple parlays into a healthy family that will establish a strong, productive and SAFE community.

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